Pharm Adakawa the visionary Founder and CEO of Adakawa medcare and hospitals is widely acknowledged as the architect of modern healthcare. He is best described as a compassionate humanitarian, who dedicated his life to bringing world-class healthcare within the economic and geographic reach of millions. 

 Adakawa Medcare will open its doors in 2023 and it will introduce an international quality healthcare to Nigeria, at a cost that is going to be low compared to costs in the abroad. This is going to be Adakawa’s first act of social responsibility and it underscored the intrinsic social conscience of the organization’s business model.

What`s more, with an easy access to reliable drug information, you will get to know all about your medicine at Adakawa medcare, and once you are our customer, you`ll get regular refill reminders, so you`ll never come up short in medicines


  1. Masha Allah.... I'm so proud of you dear, it's amazing you that you are doing so much at your age and i know that you will be achieving more in the time to come, and i'm just excited to see what you will be doing in the years to come, i trust you. The world need more people like U, stay confident and proud.

  2. May Allah help you through...
    A man with vision and mission...
    More greese to your elbow, we are so proud of you.


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